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Anime is the Japanese word for "animation". Anime has become very popular world wide. It is very big in this country, with countless titles on the market. Such great ones like Ranma 1/2, Robotech, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Rounin Kenshin, Akira, Ghost in the shell, and Space battleship Nadesco. They come in different shapes ands forms. Videos, books, comics, toys, games, and apperals. There odd humor and strange story lines have attracted many people such like myself. AKIRA has to be one of the most popular of all of anime. Is a tragic story of a boy named Tetsuo's trip into a brain tourchering experiment. The experiment gives him great powers, that by the end, he can not control. His friend Kaneda is trying to save him from this madness. Wile all the time everyone is looking for this guy named Akira. Akira is the suposed person who started world war III, and holds great power. Greater than anything on this planet. All the anime listed here is well worth checking out. From Ranma 1/2's cursed springs to Evangelions Nerv central. ^_^


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