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Sports has to be the thing that makes this world go around. There are so many different people playing all types of different sports. Even though I mostly grew up in New England and now live in Texas. I was born and rasied by my dad to chear on all Chicago teams (except the Cubs). I am first and formost a Bears fan over any team. I love them No matter what they Do. From Ditka's yelling to Patons running. I am a die hard fan and I loved Super bowl XX. You have to love Da' Bulls. The team that can't lose. I want to be like Mike. Jordan, Pippen, and even Rodman, I love them all. The Blackhawks are definatively my hockey team. Even with out Roneik and Belfor. We still have Chelios. The White Sox have a great history, and I believe, a great future. This Year Frank Thomas is hit'em out of the park. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is tradtion as well. Southbend Indiana, is only 25 miles from Chicago. With Teams history as rich as this you have to like them.

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