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(from left) Shaun, Ron, and Ken holding about $900 worth of Magic cards.

Captain Ron
Well my friend Ron isn't really from Seekonk, hes from Dracut MA. Close enough in my book. I've known Ron since 93' when we were PTP student ambasadors to Russia. Hes a big time Star Wars and Babalon 5 fan. I also likes anime, Pink Floyd and other british rock, and any type of military stratagy game (i.e. Rebelion). I remember the time when we were Moscow. We were staying at the Meldeshanoia hotel. I was hanging out with a bunch of friends that night. My friend Mikes sort-of-girl friend Kim started jumping on one of the beds when, wam! The thing colapses. We all stood there in amazement thinking,"how can she be that stupid?" Well every one but Ron that is. He thought it looked like fun. So he jumped on one of the other beds and starts jumping. I went over to him and said,"Ron, stop jumping on the bed. Ron, Stop jumping on the bed. RON, Stop ju..."wam! The other bed colapsed. I learned then just how Polish Ron realy was. He folowed this up later on in the trip with more incedents. Like breaking a bottle with a towel and Missing a high five with the chant,"lets hear it for the Polish." Some times I wonder.

Ron's e-mail

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