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Andy (with cindy to his right)chillin' at a party.


Well my friend andy is a little different. Hes a great guy, just a little wierd. He loves Metallica and Black Sabbath. Plays Magic the gathering, football, loves his computer, and works his ass off. He has a tendency to sleep in class and say the word "wha?" more than 50 times a day. Hes a great drunk and party animal. I'll never forget the time durring christmas break of 96'. Me and Andy went up to Boston to visit my friend Vinny at BC. Well Andy being Andy, embarased Vinny a lot. He kept asking me," why did you bring this animal with you?" When we left and went to South station we played a little magic wile waiting for our trains, I was going home he was going back to college, so we were on different trains. I found out the next day that libby got lost after I left and missed his first train. He said he couldn't find the red line at first (which was the stairs behind us), then kept getting of at the wrong stops on the green line (he had to go down two stops!). Life is seldem boring with Andy around.

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