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These are a few of, what I think are, the coolest pages on the web. Check them out, there all interesting in their own ways. As you can also see I have a wide varity of links. See what you like. If there are any other links out there that you think should be added, please e-mail me.

My Snazzy List of Links
Messed up Fun!
I Can't Beileve its a Simpson Site
Tons of Simpson stuff!
The Onion
Some really messed up news!
Viewaskew productions
Home of Jay and Silent Bob
Denis Leary offical web page
The funniest guy on the planet.
Ok soda home page
"Things are going to be OK."(tm)
Aint it cool news
If you want to know anything cool, here it is.
Comics, action figures, and more!
Action Ace
Action figures, and tons of hard to get stuff
The best auction online.
Rockford Fosgate
When to much, is just right.
Calvin & Hobbes
A story of Boy with an overactive imagination, and his stuffed tigar.
Newbury Comics Interactive
"For a wicked good time"
Absolut Vodka
aboslutly the best
The slightly less than offical spork web page
Every thing you every wanted to know about the spork.
The Dilbert zone
Helps me get through work
Fractal Cow
This is some wierd funny stuff.
The Center for the Easily Amused
Free forum
lots of free stuff
A great source of web info.
Funny junk. (Lone Star Comics)
The longest running comic book store in Dallas/FT. Worth

Think OK, Drink OK

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