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The first time I put a quarter into Street Fighter II, I knew it was a cool game. Each version was a brake through fighting game for its time period. I loved everything about it. The first character I took was Chun-li ( I could do her Hurrican kick). Then I liked Gule, they made him way powerful in the first Street fighter II. Then when I mastered the game I loved Ryu and ken (Duh). For Street Fighter III I like Ryu, Ken, and Duddly, in SF vs. x-men or MSH I like Ken and Akuma. Capcoms two newest games, Streetfighter III, 2nd Impact and Mavel vs. Capcom now are adding another great year of gaming. With more fun characters and cool combos. I have seen the crappy movie, the good anime, read the background stories, and wrote my own versions of the game. I have played against nationaly ranked players (one of these days I will win more than 1/50 games), and I have a strong love for the game in general. It's more than a game, its a way of life.

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