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My friend Shauns version of AUGUST

Street Fighter
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Final Fantasy
Nintendo Classics

Playing SFII to death
Josh watching Shaun play Starfox in my room. One of the few other games we rented durring that time.

The year, 1992. The date, August 1st. Street fighter II was relesed for Super nintendo for the first time. Me and two of my friends rented it at Maximum Video, 2 blocks from my house. We played it all weekend. When It is due back, we rented it again. We did this for the entire month. I had the SNES, so didn't pay. My two friends took turns renting it. All we did that month was a little basketball, a little TV, and play Street fighter II until our eyes bled from there sockets. When we started we really didn't know much about the game (actully the first time one of pulled of the dragon punch or a spinning pile driver we had celebration). By the end of the month we had to one of the best players in New England. The dragon punch became an instictive twitch, and it still is. We all had a different talents. Josh could throw anything, anywhere. Shaun studied all the patters of each palyer and charecter. I found out every little cheap combo and glitch in the game. We all mastered the moves and combos. We spent $60 on rental fees and spent 390 hours playing it. It was realy, realy cool.

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