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Final Fantasy VII

This has to be the best RPG series ever made. Squaresoft out did themselves once again with the Final Fantasy series. FFI for the NES, was hard and very complex. A great story with great characters. FFII for the SNES (FFV for the Super Fancom), Is my personal favorite of the series. It was longer and had more deep rooted characters in the many story lines. FFIII for SNES (FFVI for Super Fancom), Was even longer and even more complex than FFII. It had a great plot and the idea of the games was very unique. FF legendI, II, III for Gameboy, were very good games. They weren't as long as there counterparts, but the story and characters were still up to par. Now with the release of FFVII this series has jumped into a new age. This is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. It is a three cd set that will take at least 80 hours to beat. I can't wait too se whats in store for this Final Fantasy saga next.

Final Fantasy II

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