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Evil Empires
Wizards of the Coast

Star wars

Illuminati New World Order

There are many different types of card games out in this crazy world, these are my favorites. Magic: the Gathering, Is the most popular card game by far and a way. Actully its is the most popular game in the world. Out selling chess and Monopoly. Star Wars: costumizable card game, is based on the extremly popular Star Wars trilogy. The idea and structure of the game is very well put together. Illuminati: New World Order, is the wierdest, funniest , hardest, card game out there. If you can learn to play it, you will most offen like it. Fnord! Ani-mayham, is a card game derived from japenese animation. This game needs some more growth, but is still fun in its stages now.

M:TG Black Lotas

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