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Chapter 5
Worlds apart

Author's notes: This fith chapter is the aftermath from the great battle. I give more story and more characters show up too. It is good for this chapter that you know the storys behind Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, & Project A-Ko. It won't make that much sence if you don't. Don't be alarmed if some of the charecters you don't know. Some of them I have created. If you don't understand Ranma 1/2's story or Sailor Moon, please take a look at my Ranma page, my Sailor Moon page, or my Project A-Ko page. E-mail me with any comments you might have.



Worlds Apart

 I woke at the first light for the sun in the sky.  I was still in the grass.  I sat up and looked around.  Everyone else was awake, I guess they didn't want to bother me.   A-Ko, C-Ko and Reni lying next to B-Ko.  She was a sleep still.  She was warring the uniform of one of the soldiers, her arms were bandaged, and her wounds were cleaned.  C-Ko was wiping her head with a damp piece of cloth she ripped off the bottom of A-Ko's dress.
 The entire Ranma cast was circled around Ranma and Shampoo.  Moose had his rob off and covered Shampoo with it.  She was awake but had trouble moving.  She didn't look too good.  She had a splint on her left arm since it was broken.  Akane still had Ranma next to her.  He was still not moving.  You could see him breath though, so he was still alive, barely.    His wounds were banged, no broken bones though.  He was extremely lucky.  Akane had one of the saddest face on her.  She wouldn't leave his side for an instant.  Every one was just sitting around watching over them.
 The Scouts, now out of uniform, were sitting around Lita.  She was awake and better than the others.  She still had cuts all over her and she could hardly move, but still better.  Serrina and Raye were giving her some water and watching over her.  I stood up and wiped the grass off of me.  I had minor cuts and bruises.  Nothing much.  My shirt was ripped a little along the sides and bottom.  My shorts were just dirty.
 I walked over to the scouts to see how Lita was doing.  "How is she?"
 "She's tough," Amy said.  "Just a little banged up.  She will make it."
 "I' OK," Lita coughed out.  "Don't worry about me...I can manage."
 Amy gave her some more water.  "Where did you get that water from?"
 "There's a small well a little bit that way," Mina said pointing to the woods at the top of the hill behind us.
 "I think I'll get some water.  I'm really thirsty and I could wash this dirt off too."  I got up and started walking towards the Ranma cast.  I went over to Ukyo who was in the back of the group.
 "How is he?"
 "Not so good.  He's still unconscious, he might be even in a coma."
 "that blast was powerful."
 "I'm worried that if he doesn't get better soon, we might lose him."  She said it holding back tears.  I hugged her and she cried a bit.
 "He'll make it, he's tough."
 "I hope your right," She said as she wiped her eyes.
 "I'm gonna go get some water.  You stay here with Ranma and the others."
 I got up and walked past them.  I walked over too were B-Ko was laying.  She was in the worst condition, next to Ranma.  A-Ko was lying her on the ground, putting Reni's backpack under her head for support.  C-Ko was crying a little.  She was holding B-Kos hand tightly, curessing it very gently.  Reni was wiping a cold piece of cloth on her head to cool her off.  A-Ko was standing up brushing some dirt of her shorts.  Her shirt was ripped and hanging loosely now.  It looked more off-yellow with all the dirt.  "How is she?"
 "She's in bad shape, but she'll make it," A-Ko said.
 "I hope so.  I'm going to go get some water up on that hill, do you want to come with me?"  I asked mainly because I didn't know this, and it is always better to have back up like A-Ko if you get into any trouble.  That and I liked having her around.  She was always nice in the anime videos I had seen.  It was like I've known her for a long time.
 "Sure, I can get some water for B-Ko while I'm up there."  We started walking up towards the hill in front of us.  It wasn't that steep.  The woods were quite thick, and I couldn't see the well yet.  We walked a little ways into the woods till we saw the well.  It was about 30 yards from where we were.  The woods were dark for the time of day it was.  There were huge redwood type trees all around.  With bright green leaves as big as me.
 We got to the well and saw that there was a small wooden bucket next to it.  There was a rope hanging down into the well.  I didn't bring anything to carry the water so I would have to use the small bucket.  I started bringing up water using the hand crank.  A-Ko took the water from me and pored it into the bucket.  We drank the first batch that came up.  We were very thirsty and wanted to clean some of the dirt and grime off of ourselves.
 "A-Ko, why are you being so nice to B-Ko now?  I thought you two hated each other?"  I asked while I washed some of the dirt off of my face.
 "B-Ko can make me angry sometimes.  With her upper-class superior look, and the way she tries to kill me and take C-Ko," A-Ko said as she started washing some of the dirt off her arms.  "I do know that she is a good person underneath though.  I don't want to see her hurt."
 "I understand," I said.  "It's like me and my friend..." I stopped in mid sentence and turned my head.
 "What is it?" A-Ko said.
 "I thought I saw something in the woods back there."  Me and A-Ko stared into the woods.  Some thing moved in a bush 15 yards away.  It made a rustling sound.
 "I see it.  Its coming from that bush," A-Ko said pointing in front of us.  She started walking towards it and I quickly followed.  We got about 5 feet from it when it moved again.  Rustling and moving behind the big bush.  We stopped, then I walked slowly over to the bush.  I got in about one foot from the bush when it stopped moving.  I took another step forward and looked over the bush.  There was nothing there.  I pushed through the branches and still saw nothing.
 I looked back at A-Ko with a confused look on my face.  Just then a little white creature came out from the bottom of the bush.  I looked down and stepped back.  It was about one foot tall, with fluffy fur.  It looked like a thin rabbit with out the ears.  "How cute," A-Ko said walking closer.  She kneeled down and petted it.
 "I find it hard to believe that this little thing was making all that movement in that bush."
 "Well it's the only animal in it right?"
 "I didn't see any more," I said as I kneeled down to see it close up.  I petted it on the head a little.  " Just don't get it."  It sniffed at my hand curiously.  I looked at A-Ko and said," Interesting little thing isn't it."
 Then it opened its moth as wide as a dog and roared.  I quickly looked back to see a mouth twice the size of the animal in my face.  It clamped down on to my arm fast.  Its teeth wasn't that sharp, but it had a very tight grip.
 Before I had a chance to ask A-Ko to get this thing off of my arm it started running.  Dragging me down the woods with amazing speed.  A-Ko got up and ran after it.  The animal could jump so high it was astounding.  We went leaping from tree to tree.  Banging me on every branch and rock.  I saw A-Ko close behind following us.  I gave out a small yell after every time we hit.  "This...(tree limb) is...(small branch) not...(rocky ground) funny!"
 "Hold on Adam.  I'm coming," A-Ko said as she gained ground on us.  She was going through all the trees and anything that got in her way.  Her speed was truly amazing.  She was getting closer, and closer.  The animal could se that she was only a few feet away and started running across the ground, gaining speed by taking the straightest route.  A-Ko lost a couple of feet on the animal, but that was it.
 Now I was getting dragged across the ground.  I could feel my knees hitting rock on every bounce.  This was one wild ride.  Every time we got closer to the ground I tried to plant my feet into it.  A couple of time I almost got a good dig.  Now that we were always over the ground I had more chances to try it.  I kept swinging my feet down hard into the ground.  It slowed the thing down a little.  I was destroying my shoes, I didn't care.
 Then one time I saw a thick pile of dirt below me.  I dug me feet in and the pile blew apart.  This didn't stop it but it did slow it down enough for A-Ko to catch up.  She reached forward and grab my legs and pulled back.  For a moment there I heard my spin crack when they both were pulling me in opposite directions.  The animal was stopped in mid air.  It got yanked back with me on top of A-Ko.  We all fell to the ground.  It leg go of my arm and flew up against a tree.  It sat there and growled at us with its misshapen face.  Then it ran quickly into the woods.  The place was silent again.  Me and A-Ko just starred at were it left for a little wile.
 I rolled off of A-Ko and onto the ground beside her.  "Thank you," I said with a moan.  My whole body was in pain.  It wasn't extreme, just I was sour everywhere.  "Thanks for getting that thing off of me."
 "No problem," She said with a little laugh.
 "What's so funny?"
 "When you were..hehe..bouncing around the trees and..hehehehe..the ground...It was just funny," She said trying to hide the laughter inside of her.
 "I guess it was a little funny," I said trying to laugh.  I probably would have if it wasn't me.
 "Hehe..are you OK?"
 "Ya I'm all right.  Just a little banged up."  I rubbed a little dirt and blood of off my forehead.  I guess I got a small cut during all of the commotion.  A-Ko leaned over and brushed my hair to the side a little and kissed it.
 "There, I hope that makes it feel better."
 "Yea, it does.  Thanks."  It did feel good. Physically I think she had some dirt on her lips that was causing it to sting more now, but mentally it helped a lot.  I was about to say something to her when I heard a noise.  I turned my head to look down the path we came down.
 "There you are.  We saw the destruction and got a little worried," Soun said.  "Hey!  I found them! their over here!"  He yelled back behind him.  Just then Raye, Darrien, Kuno, Happy, and Nabiki came through the forest.
 "Pay up Kuno baby, they weren't eaten by wild beasts," Nabiki said with a smirk.
 "The Kuno family will never Welsh on a bet," Kuno said with dismay and pulled out some money from his robe.  "Here wench.  Take your winning and be off with you."
 "Thanks Kuno baby."
 "What happened to you two?" Darrien asked.  "We heard a yell and then crashing.  we followed the clearing of trees till we found you."
 "So stupid animal grabbed me and dragged me through the woods."
 "Wow, that had to be some huge animal to make this much destruction."
 We both stood up and gave each other a look.  "Ya huge," I said boasting.  "It was 20 feet tall, 2 tons, 8 arms..."
 "Ten," A-Ko added.
 "Ya ten.  I was lucky it got tired and ran back into the woods."
 Then from one of the bushes the little white menace hoped out.  I gasped a little.
 "How cute," Raye said as she went to pet it.
 "Don't touch it!" Me and A-Ko said sincrenisly.
 It looked over at us and ran back into the woods.
 "Now you scared it off," Raye said a little upset.
 I exhaled deeply.  "What's that?"  Soun said.  I looked at him and saw him pointing behind me.  I turned around and saw small scattered structures a little ways down.
 "I don't know.  I think we should find out though," I said.  "It could be something that could help us."
 I started walking and everyone followed behind.  "Be careful Son,"  Soun said.  "A martial artist never rushes into a situation that is unknown to them."
 "Well I'm not a martial artist, and I will take my chance.  the others that our hurt need help.  We have to chance it."  We walked for about five more minutes when we could start to make out what the structures were.   We were deep in the woods now and this seemed to be a small village in the middle of a clearing.  You could hear talking and some people playing musical instruments.  As we got closer we could see the people.  They looked normal, well they still were anime, but normal anime.  Not like Taro.  Who I should have warned Ranma about some time on this trip.  We all got to were the trees ended and stopped.  They didn't see us yet.


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