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Chapter 4
Dimensional Evil

Author's notes: This forth chapter is an important one. I shake up the stroy here. It is good for this chapter that you know the storys behind Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, & Project A-Ko. It won't make that much sence if you don't. Don't be alarmed if some of the charecters you don't know. Some of them I have created. If you don't understand Ranma 1/2's story or Sailor Moon, please take a look at my Ranma page, my Sailor Moon page, or my Project A-Ko page. E-mail me with any comments you might have.



Dimensional Evil

 "That's the whole story Mr. Daitokuji.  I know its a little far fetched, but its the truth."
 He looked at me now with a curios look instead of an angry one.  They all looked like they were interested.  Except for the people who already knew the story.  "Well if that's your story then it is a little hard to believe."  Mr. Daitokuji said.  Do you have any proof of this?"
 I never was asked for proof before.  Everyone just believed me.  I took the blinding trust here for granted.  I thought for a second.  "Actually yes I do.  Two pieces of it your honor."  I said acting like I just found the murder weapon to a huge court case.
 I reached into my wallet and pulled out a card.  It was a business card for a local comic store 'Comic Toast'.  It had the usual information for the store.  Telephone number, address, and what they sold.  There was also a picture of Ranma, Wolverine, and the Tick.  Underneath the picture of Ranma it said, "Assorted Anime sold here."
 I gave the card to Mr. Daitokuji.  Everyone else gathered around to look at it.  "Hey, that's me on that card."  Ranma said in astonishment.
 "OK, what's your other proof?"  Mr. Daitokuji asked as he gave me back the card.
 I started telling him about all the Project A-Ko videos I saw.  He looked at me in amazement.  The guards laughed when I told them about the time Mr. Daitokuji tried to catch a spaceship with his hands.  Wile warring his daughters power suite.  I think he believed me from that point on.
 "Well that's quite a story son." He said will drinking some tea that one of the girls that worked that worked there brought him.  "So your looking for your way back home.  Well since this is a special circumstance, I'll let you go."
 "Thank you Mr. Daitokuji."  Ranma and I both said.
 "So do you need any help?"
 "Well I don't know what you could do for me.  Unless you can make that dish into an interdimesional gateway." I said with a laugh.
 "No, I'm sorry I can't do that."  He said with a laugh. "But I can let my daughter help you.  She knows a lot about that sort of thing."
 "What!"  B-Ko said with a surprise.  "You can't be serious father.  They tied me up and almost killed me."
 "It was a little misunderstanding my dear.  Its only customary to help out people in need.  and it will look great to the press."  He leaned over to me and whispered," If you do find the portal to get you back home, tell me about it.  I could sell that thing for millions."
 B-Ko did not look happy with her fathers desition.   Actually she was giving me a death stare.
  "Hey!  That sounds like fun!" C-Ko said jumping up and down.  "Can I come too?"
 "Of course you can.  Finally time to be C-Ko."  B-Ko said in a much happier tone.
 "Well If you two are going, then I'm going too."  A-Ko said.  "If that's OK with you guys?"
 "Sure."  I said quickly.  "I have no problem with that."  Damned Red heads.  They always did make me lightheaded.
 "Let me call the other scouts and see how they are doing."  Lita said.  She pulled out her communicator and started talking to it.  "Amy come in.  This is Lita."  There was only static.  "Serrina are you there?  This is Lita." Still just static.  "That's strange, its unlike Amy or even Serrina to not answer there communicators."
 I did seem kind of odd.  Amy was the most level headed of the whole group.  Some thing just didn't sit well with me about this.  "Raye, this is Lita.  Are you there?"
 "Yea I'm here Lita.  What's up?"
 "Did you have any luck finding anything?"
 "I'm afraid not.  Just a dead end lead."
 "Same here.  Where are you know?"
 "We're back in Nerima.  The Cat cafe."
 "Do you know what happened to the other group?  I tried to reach them and I couldn't."
 "I don't know.  I had the same problem.  All I got was static.  I hope their all right."
 "I think we should go check it out.  Amy and Serrina have locators in there communicator.  We can find them that way."  Lita turned on here locator on her communicator.  It was still showing that they were down town.  Serrina's one was about ten feet from Amy's.
 "Lets meet down town at the bus depot in 30 minutes."
 "OK, we can figure things out when we get there."
 "OK" and the screen when out.
 "Well we're going to go down town to find Amy, Serrina, Darrien, and Akane."
 "Stupid Akane, what has she done now." Ranma added.
 "We better get moving if we want to be there in half an hour," Lita said.
 "You don't need to take the bus," Mr. Daitokuji said.  "I have stretched limos that can take you there.  It will be quicker.
 "Yea," Reni said.  "We're going for a ride."
 Mr. Daitokuji snapped his fingers and 8 guards left the room and headed for the garage.  They quickly brought on of the biggest limos I have ever seen up to the front of the mansion.  You could see them clearly through one of the holes in the walls that was caused by all the gunfire.
 "Well we better get going," I said.  "Thank you very much Mr. Daitokuji.  Sorry about your property."
 "Don't worry about it any more son.  I'll take care of every thing."
 We went out the front doors, one of them were on the ground, and out to the limo.  Now we had three more people to help out.  This group of adventures was getting bigger by the minute.  I had a very good feeling about finding my way home at that point.
 Darrien opened his eyes slowly.  He woke up with a headache.  He looked around.  He was lieing on the floor of some dark room.  The walls, ceiling, and floors were old cement.  Cracking from age.  There was a florescent tube over head flickering on and off.  There were rusted bars in the front, this was the only entrance to the small hole.  The girls were also in the cell.  They were lieing on the floor, out cold.  Darrien leaned over to Serrina and tried to wake her up.
 "Serrina.  Serrina wake up," He said quietly.
 "I don't want to go to school mom.  Its Saturday,"  Serrina mumbled in a daze.
 "Come on wake up.  Serrina wake up"
 Serina started to open her eyes.  they she opened them up quickly and sat up.  "Where are we?"
 "I don't know.  It looks like we are still in the basement of the abandoned building.  You wake up Akane and Amy.  I'll look and see if I can find a way out."
 "OK," she said and started to wake up the other girls.
 Darrien crawled over to the bars and looked through them.  He saw a lot of other old cells like the one they were in.  there was about seven others.  It was a long corridor with neon tubes going down the ceiling.  He could see a light flickering around the bend of the corridor.  There were shadows moving in it.  He could hear faint talking.  He leaned over to put his hand through the bar to get a better look.
 Zap!  He leaped back away from the bars.  "Are you OK Darrien," Serrina said coming to his aid.
 "Yea, I'm fine.  The door is protected by some sort of force field."
 "But of course it is my friend," A voice said coming down the hall.  "You don't think we would just let you stay here unguarded."  The same men they say earlier came to the front of the cell.  "That little box right there is my own little invention."  The smaller man with the golden armor said, pointing to a small black box on the floor across form the cell.  It had green and red lights on it.  "It is surrounding this cell with a force field, and you will not brae through it.  Well unless you have some sort of nuclear devise with you."
 "I don't know who you are, but your not getting away with this," Darrien said.
 "That's where you are mistaken boy.  I all ready have.  This building is going to be demolished in 3 days.  No one will find you till then."
 "We have friends that will find us.  Don't underestimate us or you'll be sorry," Serrina said trying to show that she wasn't afraid of them.
 "And how are they going to find you?  With this?"  He held up Serrinas communicator in his hand.  Then he crushed it in his fist.  He dropped the shattered remains on to the ground.  "You see no one will come looking for you at all."  He said with a laugh.
 "Who are you, and what do you want with us," Akane said.
 "Oh, excuse me for not introducing myself.  My name is Lord Jindi, and this is my top general Goth."
 Goth stepped towards the cell with a mean look on his face.  "Goth here has wiped out entire civilizations with my armies."
 "I can snap you in half and you wouldn't know it till after you were dead, but don't worry pretty lady, I won't hurt you if your nice to me," Goth said as took the shield down with a remote he had in his hand.  He reached his hand through the bars and grabbed Serrinas arm, pulling her closer.
 "Not on you life creep," She said and swung her leg between the bars and caught him right between the legs.
 He through her back and turned the force field back on.  "Give time my pretty.  You will learn to be nice to me," He said with a laugh.
 "That's enough play time Goth go back and regulate the temporal field so that Lady Mistress Tamasuza can get here," Jindi said.
 "Yes master."  Goth walked back down the corridor and out of site.
 "Well you will have plenty of time to think about what you want to do with the last days of your life.  Not too many choices from in there."
 "Where are you from.  Your not from this world.  I can tell that much about your charade," Amy said.
 This perked his interest.  "Well little lady your correct in you assumption.  I am not from this world, or any one you have every heard of.  I am the ruler of my world.  We are traveling from dimension to dimension conquering worlds.  Yours is next.  We have huge armies waiting on the other side of this gateway to destroy this land, and take it for everything its got.  We would have done this by now if it wasn't for a malfunctioning gateway.  If you have meet anyone else that seems out of place, there probably the byproduct of a malfunctioning gateway.  Don't worry, the guy who constructed it has already been killed.  We don't except failure in the army of 7th."
 He laughed and walked away.  "Goth is the portal ready yet?"
 "yes master.  Mistress Tamasuza and the other generals will be here shortly."
 Darrien sat down next to the bars in discouragement.  "Now what are we going to do?  There is no way of getting through that force field, and they destroyed Serrinas communicator."
 "There is still one chance we have left," Amy said.
 "What might that be?  Hoping that we be real nice to the big ogre there so that he will let us go," Serrina said still in some shock from Goth grabbing her.
 "They didn't find my communicator. I dropped it when we were behind the crates."
 "Then our only hope is that it does not get found and that the others realize that we have gone missing," Akane said.
 "All we can do now is sit and wait."  Serrina said.
 "Lets hope the others find us before its too late," Darrien said as he put his head down.  Serrina laid her head in his lap and closed her eyes to take a nap.

 When we pulled up to the bus depot Raye, Kasumi, Mina, and the cats were just stepping off a bus that was spitting out black smoke.  It left a cloud around them when it took off.  The limo pulled right up in front of them.
 I rolled down the window and said in a bad British accent, "excuse me, but do you have and grey pu pone?"
 Raye coughed at the smoke and looked at me with a surprise.  "Where did you get a limo from?"
 "Its a long story."  A couple of guards came over and opened the doors for us.  We got out and walked on to the sidewalk as the limo drove away.  "If you guys had a limo you should have at least picked us up," Mina said.
 "We were surprised by it too.  Well I think we should go found out what happened to the other group now," I said.
 "What are we doing downtown any way?" A-Ko asked.
 "We have to look for some of our friends that we lost.   There locators told us they were down town."  I said.
 "Who are those people?" Raye asked.
 "There here to help us," Ranma said.  "This is A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-Ko."
 "Hello," the Ko's said.
 "Well actually we brought some more people as well, "Kasumi said.
 "Yea, like who?" Ranma asked
 "Ranma, Shampoo so happy to see you again." Shampoo said as she came running out of the door of one of the stores next to the depot.
 "Shampoo Where are you going?  Your one and only love is waiting for you over here,"  Moose said as he walked into a telephone pole running after Shampoo.
 "hey, what's the big hurry?" Ukyo asked looking at Shampoo running down the street and Moose lieing on the ground.
 "Oh, my darling shampoo.  She want to play with grandpa," Happosia said running after shampoo.
 "Master come back here," Soun said following Happosia.
 "Please don't embarrass us in public again," Genma said following Soun.
 "Son-in-law stop playing with my daughter in law and marry her all ready," Cologne said.  "No, no, no.  That way you idiot."
 "Ouch!  Sorry granny," Ryoga said as Cologne hit him with her stick because he was going to walking to traffic.  Again.
 "Ranma Saotome you coward!" Kuno said coming out of the store with his broken in his hand.  "You can not hide from the wrath of Tatiwaki Kuno any more.  Free the pigtailed girl or I will..."
 Cologne hit Kuno square on the head and knocked him down to the ground next to Moose.
 "My impetuous brother will he ever learn.  Ranma darling," Kodatchi said and ran over to Ranma.
 "I think they both need help," Sasukai said holding all the stupid little items that Kodatchi bought in the store.
 Ranma started backing away slowly.  It was too late though.  Shampoo jumped on Ranma.  Ukyo was tried to pull her off of Ranma.  Kodachi cam up and grabbed onto the side shampoo was not on.  Happy jumped on all three of them and knocked them onto the ground.  Genma and Soun quickly ripped the master off of the girls before there were any harassment cases.   Ryoga came over with Cologne on his head, carrying Moose and Kuno.
 "We were in the Cat cafe when they showed up.  they heard us talking about you and they decided to help out.  They took the bus before us," Raye said.
 A-Ko stood there in amazement.  "What...interesting friends you have Adam."
 "You should see the videos," I said.
 Eventually everyone came back to there senses.  Even Ranma who was lieing on the ground with his legs in a diamond, and his two outward fingers and thumb extended.
 "Well now that that's over with.  We should really go and try to mind the other group," I said.  "Lita, What does your communicator say?"
 "well for some strange reason Serrina's is not showing up anymore.  Amy's is still in the same place.  We need to go east for a little wile.  Were pretty close."
 "We should get going then," Raye said.
 "Yea! I love pretending to be a spy," C-Ko said.
 "Me too, its so much fun," Reni said.  They started chasing each other through the crowd of people pretending to shot at each other.
 "C-Ko stop playing with her.  Your my friend now," B-Ko said and started chasing after the two.
 "Well she can be a handful at times but I love C-Ko" A-Ko said.
 We started walking down the street towards the signal we were getting from Amy's communicator.  There were 21 of us now.  An amazingly huge group.  There were only a few people missing from all the anime groups that I was traveling with.  I was still surprised by the number of people who wanted to help me.  This truly was paradise.  Nothing bad could happen, or so I thought.


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