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Chapter 1
A World Unlike Our Own

Author's notes: Well this first chapter is background info about this story. Its not that long, so please read it. It is good for this chapter that you know the story behind Ranma 1/2. It won't make that much sence if you don't. If you don't understand Ranma 1/2's story, please take a look at my Ranma page.E-mail me with any comments you might have.



A World Unlike Our Own

      I am wrighting this is now since the longer I wait, the more likely I will forget parts of it. Its been 3 days since this happened. My arm still hurts, and nobody has seemed to noticed my disaperience. Acording to my watch I was only gone 5 minutes. What ever realy did happen, it took more than five minutes. That I'm sure of. Sorry for not introducing myself yet. The names Adam Sheehan. I live in Massachusetts on the border of Rhode Island, and this is my story.
      It was a nice summer morning. High 80's almost 11 a.m.. I decided to go for a jog this morning like I enjoy doing every now and again. I don't have a job so it gave me lots of time to do things like that when ever I wanted. The only real issue on my mind was leaving all my friends at the end of the summer to go to college in Texas. My life was very good at the time.
     The sun was hot but the breeze compensated. I like to jog at a local park about 2 miles from my house. After being there for about an hour and a half I was tired. I got a drink of water from one of the fountains and decided to lie down on the grass and relax for a minute. There was a small path leading away from the park. No one ever used it. I went down it a couple of feet and found a nice piece of shade under a tree down by the river. I layed down on the grass. Closed my eyes, and fell asleep. This is were the normality of this story ends. What would happen from here on would change my life forever.
     I woke up and looked at my watch. It had been about 5 minutes (strangely ironic). I felt more refreshed than a five minute nap. I realy didn't think about it much and went back to the main part of the park. There were more people now, and I got a weird feeling. For some reason the park looked different to me. I walked up the hill by the tennis courts. When I got there, much to my amazement, the courts were gone. There was a soccor field in its place. On the field next to it were two girls playing Frisbee and some kids flying kites. I then started to realized that something was wrong here. I then turned around and saw the overview of the park stretching out before me. Every thing was out of place.
     "What the hell was going on here?" I thought. I knew this park like I knew my own name. Some thing was definatly wrong. I started walking back down the hill and out the way I came entered it. Which was still the front of the park though. I walked on to the sidewalk and looked down the street. there was a town were a a couple of restaurants and a golf course should be. This was getting weirder by the moment. There was something rotten in the state of Denmark.
     I decided to investigate the area before me. I started walking toward the town stil sweeting from jogging. My white 'No Fear' t-shirt was midly drenched. The cut of blue jean shorts were ok, just a little uncomfortable. My Nike airs were well worn in form use, they felt great. My brown hair still was beading sweet into my face though. It wasn't bad though. I kept walking.
     When I got in to town every thing looked so much like some of the Japanese cities I have seen watching anime over the last couple of years. I saw a guy who looked about my age leaning against a wall. He was warring a yellow shirt of some kind, brown pants, and carried an umbrella next to him. He was reading book called,The Klutz guide to directions around Japan. I had to talk to somebody, anybody, to help me figure out what was going on. He even had a map, so it was ia good chance to get some helpful information. I soon learned that anything is possible. I walked up and asked," pardon me," he looked left and then looked right to see me standing there," I'm kinda lost and I was wondering if you could help me ?"
     He turned around and replied," sure, I would be glad to help." I'm not the best with directions though. I do know someone who is though. Mr. Tendo, he always has answers for me. Take yesterday for example I was trying to find the bathroom when he stopped me and told me that I was heading for Canada. So he sent me in the right direction and in an three hours I was there. He's a great guy."
     For the strangest reason that name sounded familiar to me, I did not know why at that point. I think the shock of my town not being there did it. We started heading to the east part of town. Were walking along when he said," I never got your name?"
     "Sorry, I did not introduce myself, that was rude." I said. "My name is Adam Sheehan. Nice to meet you,"
He looked at me and smiled. " My name is Ryoga Hibiki. Its nice to meet you."
     Then it hit me like a kick to the crotch. "Mr. Tendo. SOUN TENDO!" This can't be right, that's impossible." I told myself. "Soun Tendo is a fictional character, that's almost a silly as... Getting directions from Ryoga Hibiki! My face went a pale white. " Are you OK you don't look so good?" Ryoga said.
     My head started spinning with all this confusion. One thing I was surtain of wa that we were going in the wrong direction though. I had a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa before I found Soun Tendo if I kept following Ryoga. I had to leave him and head in the other direction as quickly as possible. I replied," I'm OK its just...its just...its just that I saw a guy I know... over there." I pointed west.
He said," OK, I hope you find out where you are going."
     "You to," I said. I turned around and started walking west. Ryoga was still standing there looking around the last time I looked back.
     "What was going on here," I thought to myself. "This can't be real. I can't be here. here is not real. It's a cartoon, not the real world."
     I could not come to a conclusion on were I actually was. It was too awesome to imagine. It seamed real but it couldn't be, could it? I mean there are tons of things we just do not know, but this was stretching possibilities. When you illiminate the possible all you have left is the impossible. This was the only thing that kept me from going mad with dissolution. More importantly, I needed to find not where I was but how I got here. How do I get back? So I decided to just take this world at face value for now. Deal with it as best as I could.
     I kept walking west, there were a lot of shops of all different kind. A lot which I had never seen before. I saw a restaurant down the street. I could smell the food from were I was standing. I almost forgot that I was hungry (going to another world will do that to you). I decided that I would stop in for something to eat. the sign on the banner above the store read, 'Uchans Okonomiyaki.' "I know this place," I thought. "This is Ukyo's restaurant."
     I walked in. It was a quaint place-paper type walls, hard wood tables, a bar, and a huge grill behind it, nice. I walked up to the bar and sat down. A girl warring black leotard pants, a purple shirt. There were straps going across her chest holding little metal spatulas,She had long black hair and a nice smile. In a second I knew it was Ukyo.
     She came up and said," welcome to Uchans! What can I get you?"
     I just sat there and stared for about a minute thinking," wow, I'm talking to Ukyo in her restaurant, this is so cool, I can't explain it."
     "hey! Can I help you? You don't look so good?" she said starring at my aweish face.
     I quickly snapped out of it and said," no, no, I'm OK, I was just a bit dazed for a moment." She nodded in compassion.
     "I would like to have one medium cheese pizza and a large Montain Dew," I answered. She looked at me with confusion and then it hit me, pizza is Okonomiyaki in Japanese you idiot. I quickly said," I mean a medium cheese Okonomiyaki and some orange juice, please."
     She still looked a little confused but she headed to the grill and started cooking. I started looking around at the people in the place and became very amazed by what I saw. At one table there were two kids drinking milkshakes that I recognized as Molly and Melvin from 'Sailor Moon.' I could even hear Molly talking with her hard accent telling Melvin to shut up about the internet. I looked around at another table and saw a blue haired girl talking to a little kid with weird black hair and a tail. "Goku and Bulma", I said quietly ," this world must be a mix of all anime characters not just of Ranma 1/2 characters."
     I looked to my right and to stools down was Slade and Star from 'Teknoman.' I would know them any where. Slade gave me a nod of acknologement and I nodded back politely. Ukyo came over and placed a big plate of Okonomiyaki in front of it. "Here you go," she said.
     "Thank you," I said and started eating," can I ask you some thing?"
     She smiled and said," sure honey, go ahead."
     "Do you know where the Tendo dojo is?" I'm looking for Soun Tendo," I asked.
     Her eyes got wider and said," Tendo dojo. I know exactly were it is. My fiancee Ranma honey lives there. You go straight up this road until you see a little park and its the street to your right."
     "Thank you," I replied.
     "What are you looking for Mr. Tendo for anyway?" She asked inquisitively.
     I said," I need his help with a location problem of sorts."
     "Well He's a great guy. I'm sure he can help you."
     "I hope so."
     I finished the meal, fairly quickly. I was finishing up my OJ when Ukyo came over and said, " that will be 250 yen please."
     I reached into my back pocket and grabbed my wallet. I opened it and then I realized something. I didn't carry yen. Not much use for it were I was from. How was I going to pay for it. I looked up at her compassionately and said," uh, do you take dollars?"
     She looked at me with surprise and said, "No, I'm sorry we don't."
     "Then I don't have any money," replied. 5 minutes later I found myself in the kitchen doing dishes.
     Ukyo told me that I needed to wash dishes for an hour to make up for the food I ate. It seamed fair since I had no yen, that also ment that I needed to find some place that would exchange dollars for yen. So that I could have some money for goods and serveces. A half hour passed and the restaurant was booming so there was a lot of work for me. I use to work at a resturant, so I was us to the work load. All of a sudden I herd a crash and a women scream," Give me that back you old lecher!"
     "Ha, ha! I don't think so," another voice yelled.
     I turned around looking through the curtain that separated the back room from the kitchen. Then all of a sudden I see this little old man come running towards me holding some beef on a stick and a big bag of women's underwear. There were bra's and panties falling all over the floor. He jumped on my face and knocked me down. then three women and Ukyo came charging after him. I got trampled in the commotion, but for some reason it didn't hurt that much. the bruises seemed to just rub off. I quickly got up and ran out the back door where they were still chasing him around. I now realized that it was the old pervert Happosia, that pain in the ass master of Soun and Genma. Then a thought crossed my mind," if this is anime, I wounder if I can do some of the crazy stuff they do in it."
     I decided to try to stop Happosia from his reckless gallivanting. I saw him running back my way and it appeared to me that he did not see me yet. I ran up to him, grabbed him by his head, through away the bag, and gave him a big kick as fast as I could. He went flying into the air with a wild scream.
     I stood there looking at the little man rocket in the sky, until he went out of site. This was amazing that I could do it, I was going to ask how but I think that it would fall under the same category as where I am (the don't ask category). Ukyo and the three other girls came running over. They snatched up their belongings from the bag on the ground. Ukyo then came over and said," Thank you very much, he can be a real pain in the fanny some times. You have my gratitude, so you can stop doing dishes and I'll buy you a drink."
     I thanked her and helped them pick up the underware on the ground. I went back up front were she gave me a glass of some sort of soda that tasted like coke. It had Ultraman in the side of the can. "I never got your name?", she said.
     "It's Adam. Adam Sheehan, nice to meet you," I replied.
She then said," I'm sorry I never introduced myself ether, my name is Ukyo. Ukyo Kounji."
     "I know," I said bravely.
     She looked very confused and surprised. "How do you know who I am?" she said.
     I then realized that there was no way that she would understand my problem, so I had to kind of tip toe around it. I said," Well, it's kinda hard to explain. It's weird, I know a lot of people here but I have never been here. I don't even know where here is. All I know is that I was in a park and now it looks like I'm in Japan."
     She looked at me with that aweish look again. "Well that is pretty weird. Well, you are in Japan. Actually you're in the town of Nerima. that has to be one of the strangest stories I've ever herd," she said.
     "Ya, it's very damn strange and I don't know what to really do. I'm heading to the Tendo dojo to talk to Soun Tendo since he is man who knows how to deal with weird problems like mine. So you beleiev me?"
     "Why not. A lot of crazy and misterouse things happen around here. Anythings posible."
     "Ain't that the truth." I replied. "Do you know were I can change dollars to yen?"
     Ukyo said," the arcade down the street has a change both which will change currency for you."
     I finished my drink and said thank you. On my way out the door she said with a smile," I hope you find out what happened to you. While your here you might as well enjoy yourself. Hmmm, how shall I put this... this is one interesting town."
     Ukyo was right even though I didn't know were I was, it did didn't mean that this was a bad place to be. Actually, this could be considered a dream come true in some cases. I mean how many people get to visit a world like this. Especialy an anime fan like me. The people here are from all the stories I loved to read. All the strange and exiting adventures that happen here, I will be part of. Also the rules of being in Anime apply to me as well. Which means that not many things can actually hurt as much as the would in real life. Getting trampled by four girls normally would brake a bone or at lest leave a bruise and there is not one on me. This is the opportunity of a life time. This might be a paradise, but it isn't my home though. It could be nice, but I want my life back.
     I walked in to the arcade and looked around at the mass carnage towards the game's people were playing. I walked past the front rows of the arcade to little cafe in the back. Next to the cafe was the exchange booth. it was wierd that they had a currance exchange in an arcade. I tryed not to think about it. To my surprise Birdy from 'Sailor Moon' was running the both. She was still warring the light blue color that was her style. This time it was blue jeans and a light blue T-shirt. "Hello," I said with a smile.      " Hello. How can I help you on this fine today?" She replied.
     "Fine, thank you. "I would like to exchange 20 dollars for Yen, please." I said. I handed her the money and she took it kindly. She processed something on the computer and in about five minutes I got my money. I said thank you and headed towards the front door. As I walked by all the video games I decided, why not play one of them. I went and got some change from the change machine. I looked around to see what to play. I saw many fantasy games. Ultraman 23, Godzila vs. aliens, and Street fighter 7. Then I saw Sailor-V, the video game, so I threw in a coin. I lasted about as long as Serina normally did. I was less than happy. I looked down at my watch. It said 1:15. I then looked at the clock on the wall, and it also said 1:15. Well at least the times the same. I decided to leave and again start heading to the Tendo dojo. I walked out and saw Andrew, from Sailor moon as well, at the door. I said," Hi Andrew." He said Hi, then looked at me with really confused look. I laughed.
     I walked down the street and felt the sun on me and remembered Birdy talking about this fine day. She was right, the weather here was just like it was back at home, a very nice day. A little hot but had a cool breeze blowing.
     I walked down the street until I got to the little park Ukyo was telling me about. When I got there I saw a small figure leaning against a tree enjoying the surroundings, it was Gally from 'Battle Angle'. the hunter warrior was playing with a little puppy. They seemed happy. Just then I heard a loud rumbling and felt the earth move. I turned around and saw a huge tank barreling down on me. I ran to the side and jumped onto a wall quicker than lightning. The tank came crashing through destroying part of the wall I was standing on. I managed somehow to stay on the wall even with the amazing destruction going on. It flew through the park taking most of it with it. Gally grabbed the dog and leaped to roof top near by. The tank's sirens were screaming, the flashing lights spinning like crazy. I saw a flag coming off the top of it and in a moment I knew what it said, Tank Police. I saw a short haired blonde girl hanging out of the top. She said," sorry!"
     Leonia and her little tank Bonapard. Little, like a little nuclear accident Can't they ever go any where without destroying every thing in site. The tank left huge tread marks in the cement and tore up the grass. I sighed in relief, and the wall crumbled below me. I blacked out.
     "Hey! Wake up," a voice said. Then I felt a splash of cold water in my face and got up in a daze choking. I looked up and saw I was surrounded by people. They were still a bit fuzzy but I could tell who they were easily. It was Ranma, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Genma. It appeared that I was at the Tendo dojo. I guess they carried me here. "Are you OK?" Ranma said.
     I nodded yes still coughing. "We were coming back from the market when we fond you out cold lying in the middle of what was left of the street, so we took you here. You have a broken finger."
      I looked down at my right hand and saw that my index finger had been bandaged and I did feel some pain from it. "Thank you. Thank you very much." I said gratefully. I looked past Ranma and Kasumi and saw leaning against the wall was Soun and Akane Tendo. "Soun Tendo?!" I said.
     Soun looked at me with surprise and curiosity. Everyone had their eyes on me. Then Soun said, "yes, thatŐs my name. I'm Soun Tendo. Who are you?"
I replied hesitantly, "My name is Adam Sheehan, sir."
      "Sorry but I do not know you," He said respectively.
     I replied quickly, "I have come along way to find you Mr. Tendo...I think?"
      "How do you know me?"
     "I meet Ryoga Hibiki back in town and he told me that you could help me with a problem."
     Everyone looked relieved. The tension about whom I was, had ended with the mentioning of Ryoga. I wasn't really surprised since everyone knows what Ryoga is like. Ranma said from the side of "Wow, you were with Ryoga and you still made it here somehow."
     Soun said calmly, "well if Ryoga got you he-...Well if Ryoga told you I was here, then I will welcome you and try to help you with your problem."
     Just then everyone got up and went in to the house. I was lying on the front patio. Kasumi told me to follow. My sneakers were already taken off and placed neatly by the door. I sat around the little table in the middle of the room where everyone else was sitting. "Tea?" Kasumi offered.
     "No thank you," I replied.
     Mr. Tendo sat across from me. Genma and Ranma to his left and Akane and Nabiki to his right. Kasumi was standing be hide them serving tea. "Now, what this big problem of yours?" Mr. Tendo said after taking a big sip of tea
     "Well I hope this isn't to much to swallow. Its kind of a strange problem."
     "I'm sure we can handle it." I took a deep breath and told them my story. I explained everything that had happened so far today. I talked about how I took a nap in the park and how I woke up in a different place. I told them about Ryoga, Ukyo, Happosai, and the other people I had met already. When I finished I looked up to see them all in dissolution, like the first look I had when I first got here. A big drop went down the back of my head. "Amazing, so your saying your from a different world, where we are all characters in comics." Akane asked.
     I replied still a little nervous if they were going to believe me or not, "That's basically my story, ya."
     Genma then uttered, "If this is true, this must be very strange to you being here."
     "Well there are a lot of strange thing that happen in the world today. I can't think of one reason why someone would make up such a story. I beleive you, and I will try to help you find your world. In the mean time you can stay until you find your way home," Mr. Tendo said.
     I said very gratefully, "thank you, thank you very much. If there's anything I can do to repay you, just name it."
     They all got a smirk on there face, which made me uncomfortable for some strange reason. Another big drop went down the back of my head. "Well there is one little thing you could do." Mr. Tendo replied.
     The next thing a new a was repairing every hole in the dojo that someone had made fighting. It seemed like every time I boarded one up, someone kicked a new one in. In about an hour or three I finished my work and I was still grateful for them letting me stay with them, but I was still very tired. It had been along day and it was only 4:30 in the afternoon. I wandered into the dojo where Ranma and Akane were training. Ranma was doing jump kicks against a large frame board shaped like a ladder. Akane was practicing her form with a bo, sparring with the air.
     They seemed to be finishing when I got there. Ranma took a deep breath and then went over to a table against the wall and got a glass of water. In a minute Akane joined him. I walked over and said, "wow, you guys are just as skilled as I've read."
     Ranma turned around, he saw me standing there and said, "How well do you know us from these stories?"
     I replied honestly, "I know a lot about every one in this town that I have seen so far. I know about your curse Ranma." He looked a bit pale when I told him that. "I know about all the curses that your friends have. I know of many different stories of a lot of people in this town. I also know that you two do really love each other, your just to stubborn to admit your feelings."
     BONG! All of a sudden I was struck with a large mallet that they both were swinging together. It had some writing on the side of it. It was in Japanese but I knew what it said, blunt instrument. "How could you ever think I could ever love a pervert like him." Akane yelled.
     Then Ranma added, "Pervert! At least sometimes I have a feminine side. You on the other hand are built like a brick, a really bad cook, and as violent as a gorilla."
     It just hit me, no pun intended, that any time someone brings up their relationship it starts an argument of biblical perportions. I got up from my daze of confusion and they were fighting again. They were starting to make more holes. So I decided that this would be the operable time to leave. As I left I could still here them arguing. "Pervert, pervert, pervert!" Akane voiced.
     Ranmas reply was, "I don't know what's going to kill me first, your cookies or your soup!"
     I walked out and looked into the garden. There were gold fish in the pond and lilies in the flower bed, finally a moment of peace. "So what do you think of town?" A voice said as it put its hand on my shoulder.
     I must have jumped ten feet in to the air. I turned around and saw Genma standing there drinking some tea. "Uh, Mr. Saotome you startled me." I said shakingly.
He said with a smile, "I'm sorry to scare you son. Isn't it a beautiful day?"
     I nodded yes. "This must be very confusing to you, I mean being in a place so far away from your home. So how are you holding out?"
     "I'm OK, its just that itŐs been a long day."I replied.
     "It must be." Genma said, "Well donŐt worry, we will find some way of getting you home. Even if we donŐt, this is a great place to live. Mr. Tendo might even let you marry one of his daughters if you are lucky. Nabiki would be good." He gave the old wink, wink, nudge, nudge look.
     I said much more calmly than before, "thank you Mr. Saotome. I feel very welcomed here. You're just as nice as I thought you would be. I'm just a little dazed from all of this."
     "Don't worry about it." He said. "Why don't you take a nap in Ranma's room for a couple of hours. I'll wake you when dinner is ready."
     "You know, That sounds like a good idea." I said.
     Genma said, "his room is..."
     "I know where it is, I remember it from the videos, but thanks." I said and walked upstairs. I got to his room and lied down. In about two seconds I fell a sleep. It has been along day. So far.

Chapter 2: A Night to Remember

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