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Nightfall's Teknoman entrance
Save Teknoman
Slades page
Alitas Tekkaman blade page
Teknoman arcives

Fan Fiction
Ranma 1/2
Project A-ko
Neon genisis Evangelion
Sailor Moon
The Hakkenden
Ronin Warriors
A funny story...

The year is 2028, and the earth is being attacked by the evil warlord Darkon. Sounds like fun doesn't it. Teknoman is about the earth in a great time of dispare. A man named Slade with an amazing power to transform into a teknoman is this little worlds last hope for survival. This is a great anime series that should be contiued. It is call Tekaman Blade in japan and has gone farther than the Teknoman imported to the U.S.. This had action and great drama with a ongoing storyline that always leaves you wanting more. If you can find it, check it out.

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