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The Sailor Moon Lair
SOS-Save Our Scouts
Castle in the sky
Nightfall Sailor Moon

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Ranma 1/2
Project A-ko
Neon genisis Evangelion
Sailor Moon
The Hakkenden
Ronin Warriors
A funny story...

Sailor Moon is considered a girls anime by how the story line and charcters fit the stereo type of a girls interest. You know what, I don't care. Its a great anime. Great characters, great stories, and great action. It has a huge following, both men and women alike. It is an all around great anime. The story is about the girl named Serrina and her friends. They find out that they are really sailor scouts from the past brought here to protect the earth and the moon from evil. The american version of this story has changed a lot from its original japanese original. I'm just glad they brought it back on television again. What they have shown on tv is only the first parts of the Sailor Moon saga. There is much more too come. Hopefully it will come to this country as well.

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