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A very tragic story, but very humorous as well. Its your basic guy whos a girl, girl whos a cat, pig thats a guy, father thats a panda, guy who is a duck, and old man who is a pervert story. Young Ranma is to be wed to his fathers best friends daughter. They don't like each other. Actully she nearly kills him every other second. Almost all the female charcters want Ranma, and Almost all of the male charcters want Akane. Theres also a catch. When ever Ranma gets hit with cold water he becomes a she. His father becomes a big panda. Other charecters also have this curse. This is an action packed comedy thrill ride, with great characters and great adventures. Ranma 1/2 ended in Japan in 96', but luckly the US is so far behind we probebly won't see the end of it till the turn of the century. Yin and Yang were never so much fun.

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