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A funny story...

It is kind of funny how I got interested in Japenese animation. It was a Saturday in August of 93' ( I was 16) and I had $50 to spend on a super nintendo video game. I wanted to buy Secret of Mana. I asked the woman in charge of the video game section of Toys-R-us for it. She totally screwed it up. She asked for, "soccer of mana for genesis." i don't know if she was deaf or just dumb. When I did finally find it, I found out that it was $70. My friend Josh wanted to lend me $20, but my dad said that I had no way of paying him back. So I looked around for anouther game to buy. I saw Ranma 1/2: hard battle for $45. I had seen it in Electronic Gameing Monthly a couple of times. So I said, why not, and bought it. I played and found out that it was an okay fighting game. What interested me more was the instruction booklet. My friend Shaun was reading me the story line behind the game as i played. there was also a page were you could order Ranma 1/2 stuff. I got $20 the next week and order the first graphic novel. It took 3 months to get to me, but it was worth it. I realy liked it a lot. The first Anime videos I ever got were Battle Angel, Ranma movie 1, and The Ultimate Teacher. Shortly after that I started getting my friends into anime (more videos to watch). About 3 weeks from buying my first Ranma graphic novel I was hooked, and the rest is history.

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