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Neon Genisis Evangelion

Neon Genisis Evangelion is one of the fast rising and most popular animes to hit Japan. ADV video brought this title to the US when it was about to go bankrupt. Now its back on its feet again almost solely because of Evangelion. Evangelion is about the near future were in this world there has been a great disaster called 2nd impact that almost destroyed the world. Now the human race is trying to stop 3rd impact from occuring which would finish off the human race. Huge beasts called Angels are trying to distroy the military branch called Nerv that is trying to save humanity. Nerv has created these huge robots called Evas to fight the angels. This is an action packed story that is full of plot twists. You never know what is going to happen next with caracters Like Shinji Ikari and Misato Kasiragi. This is one of the best anime series out there now. Some people are even calling it the Robotech for the 90's.

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